Statues or To-Stand?

Statue or To-Stand?” explores the traditional sense of the statue, usually fixed and of a person, representing a moment in time related to the accomplishments of that person, a history that fades as time continues to progress. Often the history behind the statue paints a part of a picture and not a complete one. The stories told about them can very much be determined by which authorities govern the story, and according to what country a person lives. If statues are continuing to be made then how else can this be approached? And how should those already standing be dealt with? Nya Rörelsen takes on statues as a form of communication with the potential to re-write, re-evaluate and re-think history and the relevance of representation. Looking to understand the differences between concepts of statues and monuments, and searching for a process and body/physical language that can capture this increasingly multi-cultural moment in our human history, giving our human body agency with its stories by constructing a living, breathing monument with our bodies of colour.





Kaycee Bach


Project leader/director, initial concept by: Khamlane Halsackda
Dramaturg: Majula Drammeh
Dancers: Khamlane Halsackda, Majula Drammeh, Nidia Martínez Barbieri, Daniel Jeremiah Persson, Rumiko Otsuka, Bernd Louis
*all dancers are co-creators

Sound design/composer: Cassius Lambert
Costume designer: Mary Anne Buyondo
Advisor on visual art and gallery spaces: Hanni Kamaly
Advisor on socio-political impact: Anna Adenji