Contemporary dance 

The participants are guided through a training that combines elements of Pilates, Barre, Flying Low, and modern Jazz, in order to prepare the body to move in all levels of the space. After that they learn original choreographic combinations created by myself, challenging memory and coordination. They explore different speeds and rhythms being stimulated by different styles of music, such as electronic cumbia and classical music. The goal of the technique classes is to awaken body sensitivity and to experience the pleasure of moving the body in space.

Other teaching

I teach workshops to professionals in the fields of dance, theatre and music. I lead pedagogic projects to amateurs who love to dance, offering the possibility of performing in a final showing. I also teach Pilates and collaborate in different pedagogic Argentine tango projects.

Photo: Patrik Palm. “Eros. Kvinnors projekt.” A dance community project directed to women. In collaboration with Konstkuppan. Stenkrossen, Lund. 2017