Explorative improvisations – Body, Time and Space

A series of workshops conducted for non-dancers, artists from other artistic fields, professional dancers, or anyone simply invested or curious about moving.

By exploring somatic practice and improvisational methods and exercises for how the body can relate to time, space and other bodies, we break down and take a look at what affects the decisions we make concerning time and space, and in turn how this reflects on the perception of the space and its content for others.

Following this we expand further by working on methods that relate the body to material objects in time and space, with the aim of understanding how the body’s performative potential can be elevated in terms of decision making and the conscious engagement with an object.

Through each of our sessions with the students we formulate ways to aid individual students according to their artistic focus and needs to help them develop within this work and process. 

This work has allowed our students to find autonomy in their body by building a personal awareness of how our bodies are affected by external expectations, and providing them the tools to emancipate themselves from these expectations.

Both Majula and Khamlane teach individually within dance and performance.