I am versed in Cunningham technique classes, a genre which I have trained in for many years throughout my professional career from teachers such as Richard Alston, Ellen Van Schuylenburch, and Amanda Britton. These are focussed on strength, coordination, musicality and dynamics. I approach this technique by viewing our spine as the basis and core from which our body and energy expands and moves.


I have created numerous community projects, often tying them to my own performance projects. Community is vital to me, especially since I have often worked alone as a freelance dance artist. Community amongst my peers and the public community allow me to be connected, and continually generous through creativity. My Latest community focussed projects have been involving immigrants to Sweden. These have allowed a space for participants to meet, grow through creative dance and also integrate into the city they are living, often a struggle for newly arrived people.


The youth work I have developed is always geared towards providing experiences rather than simply creativity or training (though these also play an important aspect). Past projects have created more long term engagement for the participants, where often youths from different countries are firstly meeting online, and then in real life at local festivals or happenings. This type of platform has been invaluable to young people. By meeting youths from other countries, participants are able to learn from each other in another way, they get a true sense of the world being a bigger place, and aside from this, within the safe space of my projects they are able to become confident in how the are in their creativity and bodies, something that will help them throughout their lives whether they continue to dance or not.


These workshops are an on-going research with company member and colleague Majula Drammeh. During our workshop we bring and meet our individual professional experiences in Somatic and improvisational practices. I integrate my interest in the body and what it is capable of in terms of both movement and voice, and we look to provide as personalised an experience as we can, by which we mean taking a real look at what each participant is aiming to achieve by collaborating with us and then gearing our creative tools to steer this work towards what we feel might help them the most. I am also invested in utilising the ‘presence’ work by Patsy Rodenburg, and encouraging participants to connect with and understand their full potential when taking action in the moment.